Making the case for present planning to include the Fintech future?

Making the case for present planning to include the Fintech future?

There are an ever-increasing number of fintech solutions available and ever-increasing interest from institutions of all sizes in the new opportunities offered by technology. The race to keep up is on!


However, gaining senior management buy in to this new wave of technology is a sticking point for many of our clients. How do you move from interest to signed off spend? And how do you survive in tomorrow’s market place if you don’t?


Typically, firms are understandably cautious about making investments in technology, which leads to a conflict between time taken for vendor selection and the need to catch up with the current pace of transformation in the market.


One answer is to build a compelling business case for your solution of choice – but unconventional solutions often require unconventional arguments.


  • How does the cost stack up against a traditional solution – can a digital approach save you manual processing tim
  • Could it help you to better understand staff productivity? And if so, could this lead to efficiency savings or increased output
  • Could it win you more new business or reduce the cost of winning customers?
  • What is it worth to better understand your customers? Could this help you to develop new products?
  • What is the value of improved customer experience? And what is the cost of not improving if your competitors do?
  • What is the value of being first – and would you be able to catch up if you weren’t?


Axis has helped many clients consider appropriate Digital (e.g. RegTech, FinTech) solutions with the right approach and supporting argument for a compelling business case to tackle their business challenges and also, deliver the right outcomes for the bank and their customers.


If you are facing similar challenges or perhaps you are losing patience with the traditional approaches from the market, we’d be delighted to help stimulate some ideas and support your business priorities to achieve the right business and customer outcomes.


Axis works with financial institutions to help to deliver their regulation, transformation and innovation agenda. We have helped clients to prepare for regulatory compliance, transform their business and operating models, and deliver new products and services to market. This often starts with just a meeting and a simple conversation with you.



Case Study

Transforming a leading Irish & UK Bank

A leading Irish & UK bank needed to transform its’ Retail and Business Banking businesses by improving their cost:income ratio, optimising the branch network and centralising  operational functions and processes .

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Making the case for present planning to include the Fintech future?

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