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Financial services through the looking glass

The financial services industry is undergoing a revolution as businesses adapt their models to an ever-evolving landscape.

Fintech funding – not just for unicorns

The Capability and Innovation Fund can help to upend traditional banks.

The Future of Banking is Open – Time for SMEs to have their moment in the sun

Open Banking and the RBS alternative remedies package is set to spur competition and development in the financial services industry, presenting new opportunities to SMEs and fintech firms.

The four things we learned from Sibos 2018

APIs are powering faster payments and facilitating open banking.

TSB – lessons in readiness

Challenger banks ready to make their move for the Capability and Innovation Fund

5 misconceptions about the Capability and Innovation fund – and why fintech’s should care.

The Capability and Innovation Fund offers a unique window of opportunity. Fintechs should seize it

Q & A -Adoption of digital wallets and mobile payments

Ted Bissell talks about Digital adoption in US and examines ASIA as the path to the future.

Banks have a market opportunity in targeting the unbanked

Financial education and better customer control can reverse the debt cycle

GDPR-Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations

All companies which handle personal data of EU citizens must comply with the GDPR. This will include both companies with presence in an EU country as well as companies with no presence in the EU, but process personal data of EU citizens.
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