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All businesses are becoming increasingly digital, driven by customers who have taken to mobile and digital devices with their friendly and easy-to-use services. Technology has lowered barriers to speedily launching new services and integrating them advanced data analytics. This puts both traditional companies and agile new entrants on equal footing. Axis Corporate helps businesses respond to these challenges by creating a dynamic approach to serving customers across multiple digital channels, aligning the organization’s IT capability and nourishing innovation processes. Our services include:

Our expertise

Critical to ensuring the most-advanced and competitive offerings is leveraging innovation found both inside the organization as well as outside in fast-growing, highly expert companies. Business must develop non-traditional business relationships in many cases to gain access to appropriate know-how and technology, and Axis helps its clients apply frameworks to coordinate all the moving parts that must come together to reach the next stage in a business’ evolution.

We guide clients through the conception and execution of approaches to connect with and serve customers digitally, across mobile, web and Internet of Things devices, when and where most convenient for them. The work includes adapting systems and processes to face the increased demands of digital interactions and reaping efficiencies through more-optimal communications. Execution includes deploying data analytics in context to provide customers the right information, in the right quantity, at the right time, thereby delighting customers and strengthening the company’s brand.

Amidst an evolving IT landscape experiencing growing use of cloud computing and complex relationships with third parties, businesses need to identify and prioritize which platforms and services will deliver the earliest and highest return serving the digital consumer. Axis helps clients unite the economic, strategic and technology considerations that govern broader decisions for aligning business and IT processes.

Infrastructure providers, both in telecommunications and energy, have an opportunity to bring together their robust networks and frequent, intimate contact with customers to build networks of trust and strengthen digital customer identity. These networks connect through devices that reside in close proximity to customers, including mobile devices and Internet of Things sensors and actuators in home environments, and exchange privileged usage and biometric data. We assist in evaluating the scale of the opportunity, managing contribution of key technologies and dependencies on third-party relationships, and in establishing business agreements with the most-significant stakeholders in identity management.

We help clients to prioritize the best opportunities for process digitisation including automation, robotics and automated learning.    This includes automation and robotics in customer interactions and automatic learning for personalization of offerings and document comprehension. Cloud services from third-party vendors and customers that connect directly to the corporate infrastructure from nontraditional contact points add new challenges to execution. However, traditional and trustworthy businesses can deploy these technologies to streamline customer awareness (KYC), money laundering prevention (AML), opening of accounts and decision to grant credits.

"The reality is that the objective was achieved. For me, that is the most important"

Carlos Mengual

Management - AMG

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