Re-engineering Innovation and Change Processes in Public Administration

AXIS CORPORATE, Re-engineering Innovation and Change Processes. in Public Administration. ICT Department

The ambit was an ICT Department of a Public Administration with over 2,500 branches throughout the country. A sole ICT service company provided network support and maintenance for all the branches. The ICT Department’s main aim was to make the existing contract more workable and to facilitate keener tendering in the future.

An ICT Department have to make a change to make sustainable model both the current ICT service provider as the future provider had to tender.

The project covered two main aspects:

  • Remodeling existing services to make them more workable during a transitional period.
  • Drawing up and implementing a new model to replace the old one. The new model had to guarantee the provision of more services and rationalise spending.

The following measures were identified as being key to the project’s success:

  • The drawing up of new criteria and a new approach to providing support services to centres.
  • The review and implementation of new management processes (internal and external) for both the Department and suppliers, with new control systems and operating tools (efficient management model).
  • The definition of the technology required to manage the various services in accordance with the new model.

Budgetary stability during the transitional period (compared with 10-12% annual growth in deficits hitherto). An 8% cut in costs since the implementation of the new support and maintenance management model (in which the provision of services is split by tasks, geographical areas, enhanced management and control of services, etc.).

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19 Feb 2016
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