Corporate Social Responsibility

Axis Corporate’s business objectives are aligned with its commitment to the various stakeholders and society in general. Our objective is to make a global impact through daily activities within the company by having policies, practices and initiatives in order to govern ourselves with honesty and transparency and have a positive impact on social and environmental well-being.

Our commitment is to positively influence the different areas of company’s management by creating value through excellence and responsibility.

We are committed to our clients, employees, local communities, the environment and society in by exercising of our professional activity in an ethical and transparent way.

Corporate Social Responsibility Axis Corporate

Actions of positive impact in Axis Corporate

  • Internship Program to attract Talent: At Axis Corporate we carry out activities that facilitate professional orientation and the acquisition of skills to increase the employability of people.
  • Collaboration with universities: We collaborate with an array of universities and business schools both for the recruitment of graduates, the accomplishment of practices, teaching and the realization of practical cases.
  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) – We help financially certain cultural entities to promote and guarantee their activity.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability –We have introduced policies and corrective measures that allow a more efficient use of energy and reduction of CO2 consumption.
  • Work Life Balance: We implement measures that facilitate the balance between the professional and personal life of the workers. Since 2016, Axis Corporate has obtained the efr certificate granted by the Maisfamilia Foundation in Spain for having policies and initiatives that ensure the reconciliation between its employees.
  • Volunteering: We provide advice to new business projects, through employee mentoring sessions. We are currently collaborating with Junior Achievement, which seeks to encourage entrepreneurship and encourage the training of entrepreneurs in universities.
  • Career Plan: We offer a growth and professional development plan within a company that promotes innovative thinking among all its employees. We have a continuous training plan through internal and face-to-face sessions, focused on skills development, sectoral knowledge and real cases worked with clients.
  • Healthcare: We organise activities aimed at encouraging the participation of sport and healthcare to support our employees and encourage them to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Developing relationships with customers -We monitor the satisfaction level of our clients with the services offered to improve the quality of the service offered and strengthen our relationship with the customer

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