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Best Company.com asks Ted Bissell about Cryptocurrency in Payment Processing

Ted Bissell shares his insights on Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in payment processing with BestCompany.com

Webinar – The Future of Merchant Payments in the Integrated Digital Age

Participants can expect to take away insights about how trends are impacting SMB banking, and ideas of what steps are needed to remain relevant to clients in payment services.

The Brexit Impact Assessment: Why your Customer’s Business is your Business

Last month, on the 6th of December 2017, David Davis (Secretary of State for exiting the European Union) was hauled in front of a parliamentary committee.

Digitally Challenging Banking’s Core Operations

Banking is being disrupted by innovation through digital technology, new regulation and increased competition. How can they can they continue to be relevant?

The Digital Transformation of BBVA

Axis Corporate hosted an executive breakfast with the participation of Carlos Torres Vila, BBVA, CEO who shared his experience on the digital transformation of BBVA.

Replace or Complement? The difficult Tessitura of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is here to stay. Its applications in different financial sectors never cease to grow and in the future will revolutionize the way of doing business.

Navigating a Path For Growth in Uncertain Times

Globalization has been a theme for business growth for many years. Newly launched business can disrupt and gain market share fast, gaining reach and global scale quicker than ever before.

Banks Learn to Innovate … or Die

As lifestyles and expectations of consumers continue to change, often powered by smartphones and other technologies ever-present in their lives, banks risk weakening their leadership in the highest-valued end of their treasured customer relationships

Advantage in Regulatory Reporting in Financial Services

The need for financial services firms to provide greater transparency through regulatory reporting increases. It is essential that firms move from complex operations and legacy architecture to a more rationalized approach.

Finextra Interview – The role of Collateral Management Solutions in relation to T2S

Finextra interviews Pablo Beivide Cavia on the T2S project and how successful it has been in the 10 years since it started, what impact T2S has had on CSDs and how this will affect post trade securities in the future.

Transforming European Bank’s Retail and Business Banking

A leading European bank needed to transform its Retail and Business Banking businesses by improving their cost: income ratio, optimizing the branch network and centralizing operational functions and processes.

Anti-Money Laundering is still a major opportunity for RegTech Providers

Recently, the Fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive No. 2015/849 (AMLD 4) was implemented in June 2017 to set clearer compliance guidelines and requirements for banks and wider professional groups (e.g. accountants and lawyers).

PaymentsSource – Banks are missing the boat on ‘Social Payments’

PaymentsSource recently published an article that discusses how Social and Payments are overlapping.

Is your RegTech solution more “Tech” than “Reg”?

If you are developing a solution as a FinTech or considering a new capability as a bank, have you considered the question ‘Is this solution more “Tech” than “Reg” or has it achieved the right balance of both ?’

Data Analytics: Highest-Value approaches for each part of the Business

The Axis Corporate breakfast seminar will explore which are the innovations from data and analytics in the new, complex world that financial institutions can deploy to regain preeminence in data as a core company value.

Consultancy.uk – How Robo-Advisory can be applied to the World of Investment Advice

The market for investment advice is changing rapidly, with robo-advice touted as one of the most disruptive forces to impact the industry. Daniel Meere reflects on how robo-advisory can be applied to the complex world of investment services.

Governance Framework and Prioritization Model for a Tier 1 Investment Bank

A Global Investment bank required a solution for managing technology change demand for their strategic Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Know Your Business (KYB) system.

Balancing Financial Services Innovation in a Customer-Centric World

Consumers’ growing addiction to digital devices provides additional channels for financial services companies to optimize and extend their reach, but it also opens the floodgates for a wider variety of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Regulatory Requirements for a Global Investment Bank

MiFID II aims to improve financial market’s efficiency by enhancing the current MiFID I. The implementation deadline is January 3, 2018, and investment firms face major challenges across the organization.

Transformation Portfolio Optimization

A Global Bank was managing a large portfolio of disparate programs and projects.

Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye (Boston)

Axis Corporate hosted a recent networking seminar in Boston, MA on the trends in digital and how financial institutions can leverage data analytics to affects these services.

Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye

At our recent event in Boston, we offered a current view of Digital approaches that are transforming financial services, and the Big Data capability that makes it possible.

Watch the Payments Sector for a sneak preview of tomorrow’s Digital Financial Services

The area of financial services focused on payments is already highly digital, spurred by recent entrants that have from their start been created in the digital world.

Axis Corporate to host Networking Event in Boston

Axis Corporate will host its first networking event in Boston, MA entitled Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye on July 18, 2017

Understand Payments to Peek Now at Your Digital Future

Our discussion panel brings together business leaders who have been successful tackling digital payments from several angles.

Axis Corporate to participate in the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Axis Corporate will be participating at the MIT Sloan CIO  Symposium on May 24th in Boston, MA.

Understand Payments to Peek Now at your Digital Future

At the recent Axis Corporate event, expert panelists from Axis Corporate, Computop and Zipmark offered a current view of the payment landscape and the mainly digital processes used by its service providers.

Understand Payments to Peek Now at your Digital Future – New York Event

Axis Corporate hosts a panel discussion with leaders from Computop and Zipmark who have been successful tackling digital payments from several angles.

Identifying the real Potential of Big Data Technology

To be successful in identifying Big Data technology, organizations need to remember the two drivers: the amount of transactional data that an organization has and the skills and capabilities in analytics.

Understanding Big Data in Financial Services

What is Big Data? What makes it different and how can Banks and Financial Services start Unlocking the Value from their Data?

Financial Services at the Speed of Digital?

Financial services companies are facing significant challenges while disruptive new entrants who are unencumbered by legacy business processes, coupled with rising expectations of networked consumers, accelerate the need to embrace Digital.

Event Summary – Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye (New York)

At our recent breakfast event, we offered a current view of Digital approaches that are transforming Financial Services, and the Big Data capability that make it possible.

Gamification in Financial Services

Gamification is becoming increasingly pervasive in the financial sector as an initiative which can secure the greater levels of interaction and engagement.

Webinar Summary – The Collaborative Power of Fintech & Banking

At our recent webinar with EFMA, we explored the increasing prominence of FinTech firms and need for banks to adapt to a changing industry ecosystem.

Webinar – The Collaborative Power of Fintech & Banking

This webinar follows the FinTech & Banking Report 2016 by Axis Corporate and EFMA which explored the increasing prominence of FinTech firms and need for banks to adapt to a changing industry ecosystem.

Emotions and Data. Key Factors to Attract and Retain the Digital Customer

Digitization currently requires organizations to review its customer relationship models. Having thorough knowledge of your customer and their emotions are key success factors to long-term customer loyalty.

Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye (New York)

At this breakfast seminar, we will discuss some of the trends in digital and how financial institutions can leverage data analytics to affect these services.

Digital Wallets: Growing in Popularity?

Bank and non-financial institution is out releasing their digital wallet. Despite its recent popularity, there are limitations to the adoption and growth in this space.  Wallets lack a technology standard, and user experience remains limited.

The Future of Bank Branches

For 5 years, we have witnessed a dramatic reduction in the number of bank branches. Globally, banks are facing disruption from multiple directions as bank branches have declined

Blockchain beyond Bitcoin: Diamonds, Real Estate & Art

Blockchain, however, goes beyond currency. It already provides solutions to different non-financial sectors including luxury, real estate and art.

New Players Challenging Banking and Banks

New to market players are challenging banks’ traditional markets, while other players are splitting the sector at the seams.

Axis Corporate continues to Expand its International Operations into North America

Axis Corporate, an international management consulting firm, has recently appointed Dominic Gammarati as Managing Director of Axis Corporate in the US. 

Fintech & Banking: Collaboration for Disruption

This report draws on insights from senior members of European banks and FinTech firms, brought together by Axis Corporate and the European Financial Management Association (EFMA).

When will the use of cash and cards end?

In 2011, the total volume of mobile transactions carried out rose to $240 billion (USD), and it is estimated that this figure will reach $670 billion (USD) in 2015.


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