Transformation after a financial integration process

Guillermo Ruiz, Financial Services partner for Axis Corporate, examines the main challenges that must be overcome after a financial integration process, and how is the banking sector adapting to the new financial system.

From a global point of view, transformation must be accomplished in the entire chain of value of the company. In order to achieve that, it is most important to define optimal structures with adequate supervision ratios.

Secondly, there needs to be a highly adjusted cost control, meaning that both general and personal company expenses must be controlled, and an outsourcing policy must be defined. All that means that before externalizing it should be very clear what is the relation model, the governance model, the control model, and the quality of the service.

Financial integration process: adapting the system to a new environment

In regards to the adaptation of the financial system to the new environment, Ruiz points out that banking is a scale business, where the new regulatory framework and low interest rates generate a very high pressure in the upper part of the income of the entity.

To improve this situation, the best formula is to make or manage more business with the same or even less resources.

To achieve that, it is important to define a layered structure where the client is at the center of all the activity. Around him, a segmented specialized business structure must be created, to get that focus on the client, which is what we are looking for.

Conducting a functional segregation seeking greater efficiency with high levels of internal & external service and also aligning with existing digital banking initiatives that already exist in the market.

Guillermo Ruiz


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21 Mar 2016
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