Understand Payments to Peek Now at Your Digital Future - Event Summary

Understand Payments to Peek Now at your Digital Future Panelists Jay Bhattacharya Dominic Gammarati Ted Bissell Guillermo Torres Andre Malinowski Computop Zipmark

At the recent Axis Corporate event, expert panelists from Axis Corporate, Computop and Zipmark offered a current view of the payment landscape and the mainly digital processes used by its service providers. This offers all financial institutions insights on how their world will transform as they become more Digital.

Topics Covered During the Panel Discussion:

Consumers and Use of Payments

  • What are the types of electronic payments that are transforming the fastest?
  • How are payments being personalized and are customers driving this?

Tomorrow’s Digital Interactions Today

  • We’re seeing fast growth of eCommerce, which is almost always linked to digital payments. Are there any types of digital payments being adopted even faster?
  • Will fraud risks shift customers, or see service providers encourage migration, to any specific technology?

Changes in Payments Industry

  • What are some of the motivations driving banks to think hard about payments now?
  • Which are major shifts in payments alliances and ecosystems?

Panelists and Moderators:

Jay Bhattacharya, CEO & Co-Founder at Zipmark

Ted Bissell, Global Director of Digital Consulting at Axis Corporate

Dominic Gammarati, US Managing Director at Axis Corporate

Andre Malinowski, Head of International Business at Computop

Guillermo Torres, Manager at Axis Corporate


Read about our  Digital and Innovation consulting services or contact us and request for a copy of the event recording.


Computop is a leading international Payment Service Provider

Ted BissellTed Bissell, Global Director of Digital Consulting brings decades of experience launching innovative digital services in the converging sectors of financial services, telecom and media.
11 May 2017
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