The mortgage market has been ripe for disruption for a long time.

Much of it is coming from the newly-minted fintech sector, which is bringing disruption and innovation into a market that had remained unchanged for generations.

In this conversation, Cloe Atkinson, MD of newly launched Fintech mortgage digital disruptor Mortgage Engine talks to us about why this is, and why this time it might be different.

Mortgage Engine offers fully-functioning, two-way API connections and multi-DIP proposition.

For the first time, intermediaries will be able to source decisions in principles (DIP) from multiple lenders simultaneously.  A result in a decision and maximum loan from each lender provided within 60 seconds and hopes to save intermediaries time by eliminating unnecessary re-keying and duplication of customer data.

“Intermediaries have been grappling with a fragmented application process for too long.“ In this age of emerging tech, they should not have to duplicate and re-enter customer data to get the information they need before advising customers on the best deal." Cloe Atkinson, managing director at Mortgage Engine

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