A UK CMA9 Bank offering a range of consumer and corporate commercial banking products across a portfolio of brands

The challenge

Our Client had limited external perspective on emerging revenue models and developer engagement approaches​ created by the API economy​. As an input into their strategy, they were keen to understand competitor activity, best practice and potential

How we helped

  • We worked closely with client product and strategy teams to define research method and key questions – rapidly coming to first iteration to prove approach​.
  • We developed a bespoke maturity model covering API scope, developer features, technology standards, commercial model​.
  • We analysed more than 850 individual APIs – identifying trends and highlighting areas of opportunity. ​


  • Reusable research approach and data model, enabling regular internal updates for marginal effort​​.
  • Proposed roadmap for future growth with clearly defined work packages to explore and quantified benefits. ​​
  • Transformed exutive understanding on API landscape and potential opportunities.​