In this episode, we spoke with Glen Keller, Chief Product Officer at CRIF Realtime/CDR about how they are applying open banking to SME credit scoring.

One of the greatest opportunities in Open Banking and Finance data is the construction of new and accurate risk models for SMEs. This gap has ultimately been the reason why credit is expensive or hard to secure for one of the UKs most important sectors. This conversation explores the topic, with a Fintech seeking to remedy this issue.

CRIF Realtime is building a new open banking enabled credit scoring platform for SMEs and in a very short time since recording the conversation. Their credit passport product has moved from beta to live production.

Our conversation covered a wide range of topics centred around digital SME banking and Financial Services with Glenn’s ideas on the mass adoption of open banking of particular interest, as well as a number of new perspectives on the convergence of factors relating to digital SME banking. Glen also has some great advice for smaller fintechs looking at taking investment from large corporates, and how to make the relationship work well. Glen is modest in his tone, but don’t be deceived. He comes with deep expertise of the industry and as a huge amount of thought-provoking insight to share. We got to know CDR a few months ago, and we’re really impressed by what they’re doing in closing the SME funding gap for SMEs.