Leveraging distribution assets and technology in financial services


Jose Luis Álvarez, Strategic Finance Director, Axis Corporate presented insights and key findings on Robo-advisory: The future of banking financial advisory services report at Efma Distribution Summit -Leveraging distribution assets and technology in financial services in front of top executives from banks and insurance companies from around the world.

Key Insights:

There are several factors which are influencing the need to implement a Robo-Advisory model in Retail and SME Banking:

  • Products & Services Digitalisation: for the target audience who currently does not have the opportunity to access to a traditional personal advice.
  • Banks are coming under intense pressure to use the latest technology to cut costs and improve efficiency. These platforms boost efficiency in the commercial process.
  • Banking needs to offer alternative investment options in an environment of low-interest rates
  • The need to establish high-level criteria for advice and recommendations, and the knowledge of the global risk of the client.

Jose Luis Álvarez, Strategic Finance Director, Axis Corporate “Robo-Advisory platforms can be the first step of the digitalisation of financial advisory services as a differential value of banking, with a direct impact on the scope of customer acquisition, loyalty and operational efficiency. Industry research indicates in the near future there will be rapid adoption of solutions that support financial advice with a full range of approaches: pure digital, hybrid or Financial advisory automatisation.”

Pablo Cavia, Business Transformation Director, Axis Corporate. “It was a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences and network with bankers and fintechs The conference underlined. the industry’s potential for redefining the financial services landscape with significant new digital solutions coming to market. It was exciting to hear from several speakers and meet peers in the industry who provided further insights around digital transformation in financial services.”