José Masip, talks to El Economista a Spanish daily newspaper which focuses on economic, financial and business affairs about trends in the real estate sector in the short-medium term.

Among the main trends in the real estate sector, the journalist highlights the tendency of banks to accelerate the process of releasing toxic assets in the face of pressure from bank supervisors. One of the forecasts made by Masip against this scenario is that this year 2018 it is very possible that records of the sale of toxic assets by financial entities are broken, reaching a volume of 70,000 million euros. This figure would exceed 50,000 million euros that were sold in 2017.

The sale of toxic assets, one of the trends in real estate

In this news, the figures that have moved in the sector in reference to the sale of real estate assets by the main Spanish financial entities and to the macro operations that are planned or have already been given are explained.

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