We welcomed a delegation from Singapore to Axis’ Fintech event at Fora, Folgate Street, London.

Working closely with Enterprise Singapore, who promote technology growth firms looking to expand overseas, over 50 clients and partners gather to hear about the latest developments in Singapore’s mature and dynamic banking market, and how the latest innovations there could be applied in the UK.

We heard from 4 leading firms sharing their growth stories and use cases with the audience in a tried and tested 2-minute‘ pitch battle’ – no slides, no demos, no gimmicks. Just tell me about the business issue you’re helping to solve, and how your technology helps me get better outcomes. We heard from

Bambu – simplifying wealth management for customers to set and work towards savings and investment goals through smarter profiling and better understanding of financial products

BlueFireAI – using deep data analysis to uncover hidden patterns and information traits in portfolios, investment targets and supply chains predominantly in the Capital Markets segment

Cynopsis – acting as the external ‘innovation hub’ for over 700 client firms to give them access to proven, scalable technologies once these solutions are stable and reliable

Taiger drawing insights from language patterns in text and speech to enable Virtual Assistants to deliver better service and simplifying onboarding processes, including Power of Attorney cases.

As ever we drew upon the audience to delve further into the solutions, taking in RPA and AI threads, looking at the customer’s view of the processes and understanding the ways the technologies could be deployed even in
legacy infrastructure environments. 


A great deal of energetic networking followed, with some valuable connections sealed for further discussion and exploration.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable and successful event.


Thanks to those who attended, and to Enterprise Singapore for facilitating the connections to the FinTech firms showcasing.

Watch this space for our next event!