Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields within an uncertain economy. 

Big data, artificial intelligence, process automation and new forms of collaboration with new players such as prop-tech has created new business opportunities and improved customer experiences.

The rapid speed of digital technology is transforming the real estate sector providing multiple advantages such as optimisation of human resources, cost reduction, increased productivity or reduction of financial and operational risks, among others.


We support leading public and private real estate entities and stakeholders, including financial institutions, investment banks, opportunity funds, REITs, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension advisors and owners/developers, offering real estate consulting services that help align strategy with business goals.   


Including management and divestment of NPLs (RERs, REDs and SMEs) to the commercialisation and sale of Real Estate Assets (REOs).


Our Real Estate team offers a full range of services in areas including:

  • Business, management and operational models

  • Cost reduction

  • Corporate strategy, including international expansion.

  • Cash and capital management and related finance issues

  • Organisational design and alignment

  • Merger strategy, integration, onboarding and due diligence.

  • Commercial intelligence, portfolio acquisition

  • Customer experience and loyalty

  • Risk management


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