LendSend is building an ecosystem that bridges the blockchain and traditional financial worlds.

It is the first marketplace for cash remittances, unsecured loans and investment that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to customers and loan providers who still want to utilise the cash-based world.

We bring two key innovations to the market:

  • High Street cash remittances using distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Unsecured consumer lending on Ethereum cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology offers the ability to do existing things in new ways and has the potential to bring cheaper financial access to billions of unbanked and underbanked low-income earners.

The challenge

Our client, Lendsend, a Fintech, wanted to build an international remittance business from scratch. This proposition was designed to help everyday overseas workers send money home without paying the high rates charged by other providers. The proposition was to be built on distributed ledger technology (DLT), for cost and data security reasons and needed a plan to achieve profitability within 3 years. The client wanted a system that would also cope with later plans to build a loan business from the same platform.

How we helped

  • We worked with our client to develop their go-to-market strategy, advising on user journeys, distribution partner selection and building a commercial model to facilitate rapid growth.
  • We helped the client’s leadership team identify priorities and manage the initial solution and business design, including discussions on funding sources and assisting with KYC compliance journeys.
  • We led the governance of workstreams covered by partner organisations and ensured delivery discipline was maintained across a number of geographies.
  • We assisted identification of the data points to be captured in a compliant manner, so that they could be used to improve services and user experience, ensuring the operational processes to capture these were in place.
  • We supported the client’s delivery plans to ensure that an MVP would be tested and iteratively improved for a soft launch, prior to a full market launch.


With a completed design phase and established partner relationships, our client is in a place to deliver an MVP and offer remittance services from early 2019. Our deliverables include:

  • A validated and viable commercial model
  • A customer journey that meets customer expectations
  • Application of DLT to ensure minimal ‘exception handling’ and reduced potential for fraud
  • Lowered vendor costs
  • A governance structure that helps enable business growth in a more structured manner