We present this infographic on the trends in the short-term term of the Servicers, as a result of the analysis carried out in the second edition of the Assets under Management report.

The maturation and consolidation of the real estate sector, linked to a greater differentiation of its value proposals towards the market, are two of the most relevant aspects that are postulated in the short term as keys to compete with increasingly professionalized actors.

Since 2015, the real estate servicing sector has experienced stages of concentration and sector consolidation, which is being maintained and increasing over time, similar to the concentration of financial institutions.

In 2017, a little more than 80% of the Servicers market was still concentrated in 5 entities: Altamira (which goes to the first place), Servihabitat, Haya, Anticipa + Aliseda and Solvia, continue to manage a total of €220 tn. It is expected that during 2018 there will be a greater concentration with the sale of some of the Servicers.

Servicers activate value differentiation strategies

This stage is marked by a differentiation in the strategies to be carried out by market players, who should provide differential value to the many increasingly professionalized actors. Among the most prominent strategies to compete with the professionalization of the sector are:

  • Rental management specialization
  • Exploitation of own commercial network
  • Innovation versus traditional channels
  • Greater internationalization in asset management
  • Land development and real estate developments

2018 Real Estate Servicers Trends

2018 Real Estate Servicers Trends