A leading retail and commercial bank in the UK and Europe.

The challenge

  • Assess the Regulatory Change portfolio and determine where improvements could be made to optimise delivery​.
  • Analyse the process for delivering change programmes across business and technology functions to improve coordination.

How we helped

  • We worked closely with the business and technology teams to map the existing delivery approach and identify areas for improvement​.
  • We analysed the Regulatory Portfolio to identify opportunities to rationalise, reduce and re-sequence initiatives against key priorities​.
  • We created a series of ‘lenses’ to reclassify the portfolio, including maximising technology re-use, prioritising mandatory change, delivering against confirmed implementation measures etc to create options​.
  • We designed a revised delivery approach to streamline activities and improve co-ordination between business and technology teams.


  • Optimised portfolio that aligned more closely with the available change budget.
  • A streamlined delivery approach to drive greater effectiveness​.
  • A reusable portfolio assessment capability to enable repeat and continuous improvement.