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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have changed how web applications are built. They allow developers to create useful applications, using a patchwork of services, in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques. Without them there would be no “log in with Google”, “pay with PayPal”, or “share on LinkedIn”. In financial services they are fundamentally changing both customer offerings and business models. While account aggregation and other integrations offer obvious improvements in customer experience, leaders can go further by exploring opportunities to commercialise their APIs to an expectant community of developers and other institutions. We have unique experience in the UK market helping them take their first steps

We work with a client’s product and engineering teams to understand current API enablement throughout the business – looking at scope, features, underlying technology, commercialisation options, and performance. We then provide an “outside-in” perspective providing comparative analysis against competitor organisations and innovation in other industries.

Over a period of weeks, not months, our team work to identify and prioritise business lines to act as “hosts” for pilot API commercialisation. We then work with teams to construct and agree realistic but meaningful success criteria and support with delivery planning and execution. Often this surfaces new and previously unidentified opportunities.

Operating iteratively and out in the open, we develop enthusiasm and organisational support for prioritised API use cases by ensuring we build a robust commercial business case, but also linking cases to how they solve a problem for customers – whether they are consumers, developers or other financial services businesses as part of an ecosystem.

As part of the process we help clients answer key questions.

  • What are the 3-4 options for commercialising our APIs? Where do we start?
  • Who are our API customers? How do we start to engage?
  • How do we organise ourselves internally to exploit APIs? Who are the internal owners of our APIs?
  • How does this integrate with our existing technology roadmap?
  •  Where can we use APIs to reduce back office cost?


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