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As Managing Director of Axis Corporate in the UK, Daniel Meere leads business development and delivery, with solutions for clients across the Financial Services sector to meet regulatory, profitability and client objectives. Setting the strategy for the UK business, and contributing to global strategic growth themes.

Daniel Meere is an accomplished leader having grown several consulting practices and businesses in the Financial Services sector.

He is able to identify market themes and key client issues, create compelling go-to-market propositions and leverage his extensive client network to generate revenue. Daniel sets out a clear vision for the business, underpinned by an ambitious but realistic growth plan, and assembles a top tier team to help execute this.

Daniel Meere has consistently delivered exceptional results through his business management and programme oversight, and is experienced in managing consulting practices on an international scale.

Describe your position in Axis Corporate

I look after Axis Corporate business in the UK. This involves setting out the strategy, building a team that shares the same vision and growing the business through finding innovative responses to client problems. The measures of success are seeing tangible examples of how we have built a stronger and more compelling business each year, securing interesting and challenging work for our teams, and strong client feedback.

What do you value most about the position?

I value the variety and challenge. We work with a diverse range of clients, each with their unique approach to the market. Many have distinct cultures and people, which means that even similar projects can take a different route for each client. We are approaching a ‘challenger moment’ in consulting and positioning us in the right way in our clients’ minds is a constant consideration for us as a niche consulting firm trying to differentiate.

What are the key ingredients to being good at what you do?

Being a good listener is critical. Ideas and solutions come from all sources at any time. The more I listen the more I learn, and this helps to solve challenges that at the outset seemed complex.

Why is diversity important to a team?

I value diversity in all its forms. We’re in a cosmopolitan, modern and inclusive city and our teams need to be representative of our market. Above all, diversity of thought is key. Through this we gain insights into better ways to solve our clients’ problems.

What advice would you give someone considering this career path?

Stay curious. I’ve always learned something new in every project I’ve worked on, even if at the time it may not have been apparent. Intellectual and cultural curiosity and having a keen interest in finding out why and how help keep consultants in touch with the changing market.