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What was your background prior to joining Axis?

I worked across a number of industries, helping clients on their digital journey from product definition to implementing a digital operating model and data strategy.

What is a typical day at Axis like?

It’s hard to describe a typical day – as all clients vary, you always need to be on your toes, and ready to adapt to the personalities, culture, and challenges that are presented.

What is your favourite part about working as a consultant / at Axis?

While the work that we do for our clients is really exciting, the real highlight of Axis is the fantastic community we have. The team is open, supportive, and energetic, with a great sense of fun in addition to real knowledge and expertise.

What is the most useful career advice you have received to date?

You don’t need to be great at everything to be an excellent consultant – you need to be great at one thing, and good enough at the rest. Finding what you will be great at is about finding the intersection between your talents and your passions.

Outside of work how do you spend your free time?

Would it be boring or inappropriate to say the pub? I feel like it is probably the pub. Otherwise, I try to get to a few concerts or find something worthwhile to read.