The ambit was a world-class insurance broking firm with presence in over 100 countries. The company decided there was a strategic need to unify its European operations within a Management Technology Platform.

The Challenge

Strategic need was defined as at European unification Model Management and Technology Platform. This model should be validated and subsequently implanted into the rest of the international company.

How we helped

The firm commissioned Axis Corporate to draw up a model covering both governance and change. Over 200 staff were to be affected by the project. In view of this, we drew up a strategy for mobilising and managing those concerned throughout the project in order to ensure their fullest support.

One of the measures taken was an evaluation of the company’s progress to date, covering organs of government, reports and the extent to which various parts of the firm shared the same vision. Task, team and project monitoring was carried out later, covering both the client’s project team and the solution provider’s team. The first step was an assessment of the various organs of government. Tests were run on the decisions they had made. This was followed up by monitoring projects to warn of likely deviations from plan and to help the client take the right strategic decisions.


Project results included:

  • Big savings.
  • Better definition of tasks and hence greater team co-ordination and alignment.
  • Faster implementation of the new tools.
  • Thus maximising operational efficiency.