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Funding for Fintechs – Injecting innovation in Financial Services

Funding for Fintechs

FCA Mortgages Market Study: Brokers are failing to get customers the cheapest deal

FCA Mortgages Market Study: Brokers are failing to get customers the cheapest deal

The Capability and Innovation Fund – Rise of the Challenger and digital banks

The independent Banking Competition Remedies body awarded the first tranche of cash.

Consumer Trust is the new data oil

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

UK mortgage market on the move

The cost of consumer loyalty – Are consumers in the cash saving market being penalised?

Following a “super complaint” by Citizens Advice, the CMA found firms penalise existing customers by charging them significantly higher prices than those paid by new customers.

How banks charge for overdrafts is set to change following FCA action

Daniel Meere, managing director of international management consulting firm Axis Corporate, provides his reaction to the FCA´s report on overdraft charges:

Financial services through the looking glass

The financial services industry is undergoing a revolution as businesses adapt their models to an ever-evolving landscape.

Specialist Banking -Could more banks look to use gamification?

Specialist Banking spoke to industry experts which included Chris Allen, Digital Director @Axis Corporate to see whether they felt there would be a rise in the use of gamification in the banking sector in the future.

Fintech funding – not just for unicorns

The Capability and Innovation Fund can help to upend traditional banks.
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