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Digital & Innovation

Digital Banking

Businesses have become increasingly digital, as customers use their mobile devices as the channel of choice to access services. For new entrants, this has lowered barriers to entry as they take advantage of new digital-ready platforms from which to offer their products. Legacy businesses face a two-fold challenge: how to retain existing customers, and how to attract new customers amidst intensified competition. How can firms avoid the ´Innovation theatre´ trap of being involved in all of the latest innovation trends without truly changing the experience for your customers? Axis helps clients to address these issues and find practical solutions through proven approaches:



Digitalisation of business processes

Standard process improvement approaches may not deliver the breakthrough results required in dynamic industries such as financial services. We help clients to prioritise the best opportunities for process digitisation including automation, data exploitation techniques, robotics and automated learning.

Innovation and technological ecosystem

We apply business frameworks to coordinate leveraging know-how from innovations internal to the company as well as from disruptive start-up companies.

Digital roadmap

Successful businesses have a clear understanding of what delivers most value to their customers and to their shareholders. Digital is centre-stage for much of this value creation, but too often the choices around which initiatives to fund and which not to fund, and how to prioritise lack both the full-picture view and the evidence base for informed decision-making. We help firms to create a roadmap for delivery that creates value at each stage, value that customers and shareholders notice.

API ecosystems

Open APIs – Building A Digital Ecosystem For The Financial Services Industry.

API diagnostic
  • API strategy review
  • Rapid capability assessment
  • Vendor market scan
  • Proposition development
Test and learn
  • Development of new product and services
  • Business case definition
  • Solution architecture & PoC testing
Agile design and deliver
  • Vendor spec and selection
  • Functional and technical design
  • Platform configuration and implementation

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Axis Corporate helps businesses respond to these challenges by creating a dynamic approach to serving customers across multiple digital channels, aligning the organisation’s IT capability and nourishing innovation processes.

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