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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Navigating through Change

Financial services firms are facing a large-scale regulatory reform agenda that creates significant risk of non-compliance and reputational risk for their organisation.


With greater scrutiny from international and local regulators, firms have to ensure that they have put in place a robust and timely control and processing framework supported by effective governance to de-risk their external and internal commitments.



Axis Corporate is helping a variety of  retail and corporate banks address their governance, risk management and compliance priorities.


Governance, Risk Management and Control

Helping our clients improve governance and oversight, implement effective risk management frameworks, enhance their controls and implement reporting & escalation capabilities.

Regulatory Response & Reporting

Respond to regulatory demands through horizon scanning, complying with a specific regulation or implementing regulatory reporting capabilities to reduce unnecessary remediation effort, operational overheads and inefficiencies, whilst enhancing governance, risk and compliance.

Regulatory Portfolio Optimisation

Respond to regulatory demands through horizon scanning, confirmation of strategic objectives, development of a business ‘blueprint’ and assessing ‘critical’ programmes and projects against both strategic and business objectives to achieve the right outcomes.

Mitigating Financial Crime

Enhance anti-money laundering controls, improve conduct risk management and culture, support remediation and rapid response priorities to address financial crime issues.


The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union represents a period of uncertainty and opportunity for the Financial Services industry . The consequences for legislation, regulation, tariffs and trade rules are significant – and will affect UK firms operating domestically and internationally.  Europe is on countdown to March 2019 when the UK will officially leave the EU. Britain and the EU have agreed terms for a 21-month transition after Brexit.  How and what that may look like has not yet been determined or clarified, and despite progress huge uncertainties remain.

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Our team of experts have extensive and proven experience in delivering and implementing sustainable changes. We combine experience with energy and motivation to identify the right solution and deliver results. We are passionate and committed to deliver high quality services to our clients.


Client testimonial
Axis Corporate has enriched the way we carry out a transformation project at both the national and international level.
Miguel Ángel Arribas, Central Director of Cards, Banco Santander
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