Axis Corporate to host networking event in Boston, MA on July 18.

On Tuesday July 18, Axis Corporate will host its first networking event in Boston, MA entitled Going Digital in the Blink of an Eye.  The event will provide insights on the current trends in digital and how financial institutions can leverage data analytics to affect these services. It will include presentations by leading industry experts and a chance to network with other attendees.

Participation at the Axis Corporate hosted event is by invitation only. Due to limited capacity, select chief executives, and leaders in financial services will have priority in attending the event .


Registration & Networking
Welcome Remarks
Digital moves in Financial Services

Innovative, new financial services are born in plain sight every day, driven both by fast-moving FinTech companies and leading traditional institutions. We will discuss some of the trends that will most impact the sector in the next few years.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics fatten Big Data

Financial institutions have leveraged data since Day One, yet progress in analytics and ready access to capable technology expands how data can affect services. We’ll look at unexpected, new ways data can be leveraged, and the challenges for those with legacy data sets.

What do we do next?

The trends of Digital and Data that have been forming over the past 5 years. We will see how financial institutions are moving forward—and keeping pace with customers already immersed in these trends—while remaining alert to the constraints of regulator standpoints in their sectors.

Discussion and Q&A


Ted Bissell brings decades of experience launching innovative digital services in the converging sectors of financial services, telecom and media. He has advised large and small companies on their strategy and business expansion that capitalize on breakthroughs in digital, where fast adoption allows consumers to call the shots and can cement their loyalty.

Guillermo Torres has over 12 years of experience in the financial service industry as a management and technology consultant. He has managed systems and process transformation projects for product development in the US and Europe. He has extensive experience in IT strategy and process involvement for retail banking focusing on risk regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering and payments.