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Q & A -Adoption of digital wallets and mobile payments

Consumers in the US and Europe are catching up with those in fast-growing economies in Asia and Latin America where mobile wallets have already become the dominant payment platform.

Marketplace Banking – The Solution Bank Customers have been waiting for?

In the marketplace, the customer is in control. The skills required to adapt are not those that banks have historically attracted or developed.

Webinar Summary – Reaping Value from Analytics in Financial Services Business Areas

Live webinar recording looked at the current state of analytics at mainstream US banks deployment models that generate the greatest potential benefit for each business function.

Data Analytics in Financial Services: How do you Progress from BI to AI?

The Future of Merchant Payments in the Integrated Digital Age

Webinar discussed insights to integrated payments, ISVs and how they are impacting merchant acquiring.

The Brexit Impact Assessment: Why your Customer’s Business is your Business

Last month, on the 6th of December 2017, David Davis (Secretary of State for exiting the European Union) was hauled in front of a parliamentary committee.

Digitally Challenging Banking’s Core Operations

Banking is being disrupted by innovation through digital technology, new regulation and increased competition. How can they can they continue to be relevant?

Replace or Complement? The difficult Tessitura of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is here to stay. Its applications in different financial sectors never cease to grow and in the future will revolutionize the way of doing business.

Navigating a Path For Growth in Uncertain Times

Globalization has been a theme for business growth for many years. Newly launched business can disrupt and gain market share fast, gaining reach and global scale quicker than ever before.

Banks Learn to Innovate … or Die

As lifestyles and expectations of consumers continue to change, often powered by smartphones and other technologies ever-present in their lives, banks risk weakening their leadership in the highest-valued end of their treasured customer relationships


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