Banks’ merchant clients, like companies in the rest of the economy, have become highly dependent on cloud technology services. Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs) have seen strong growth in their payments volumes handled through their integrated channels at the expense of traditional payment terminals.

Amidst the complex client activity, many banks’ merchant-services operations are left resource-constrained after establishing third-party merchant acquisition partnerships. To earn the right to continue a compelling, full-service proposition to the critical small- and medium-business (SMB) segment, the Bank’s merchant payments operation must evolve to become an integrated payments player.

The webinar explores the key themes currently transforming merchant payments scene:

  • How merchants are changing their payments approach when opening or expanding their businesses
  • The roles of ISO/ISV players and their impact on acquisition, boarding and sales/payment channels
  • Choices that banks’ SMB units can make to maintain the lead in the client relationship


  • Jay Bhattacharya, CEO & Cofounder at  Zipmark Inc.
  • Ted Bissell, Global Director of Digital Consulting at Axis Corporate

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