We offer the keys on how to democratize access to predictive and advanced analytics, taking into account the volume of data our Clients manage.

With the start of this new year, this podcast from Axis Corporate aims to offer the keys on how we are democratizing access to predictive and advanced analytics, taking into account the volume of data our Clients manage.

For Enrique Lara, Director of the Digital & Innovation area at Axis Corporate, the answer is simple; it can be found in the Alteryx tool, which is bursting onto the national market, demonstrating its effectiveness. Axis Corporate and Alteryx have recently signed a strategic partnership agreement to offer their Clients the benefits of joining data science and process automation onto one secure platform, which helps accelerate digital transformation and boost the operational efficiency of processes.

In this podcast, Sebastián Rodríguez, Alteryx Enterprise Sales for Spain and Portugal, highlights the international success that Alteryx has had in creating a single collaborative environment for business analysts, citizen data scientists, and data scientists. Sebastián emphasizes the variety of departments and cases where Alteryx is implemented, taking advantage of Axis Corporate’s experience in helping its clients grow through transformation, thereby offering the market a combination synonymous with success: business knowledge + technology.

Alejandro Fernandez, Senior Data Science at BNP Paribas and a user of the platform, recommends that it be used daily and, among its many benefits, highlights its process automation and its ease of use when creating flows. “It is a simple tool that generates complex codes for data preparation or analysis, offering highly visual representations of the algorithms so you can track the results.”

With this tool, as Lara affirms, you can “dive into artificial intelligence and machine learning, giving the user a very interesting sense of autonomy.” The great benefit that Axis Corporate provides through this agreement is offering its Clients the ability to optimize the efficiency of their operational processes and bring predictive analysis closer to all its users. This agreement is intended to offer clients the ability to automate the process of cleaning [MPAV1] and building the data in order to analyze it, and to provide the end users of the departments with a greater capacity to be able to perform more advanced data analysis.

The objective of this collaboration is none other than to bring advanced analytics and process automation closer to our Clients and users who no longer need a specialized type of knowledge in statistical or programming languages. At Axis Corporate, we rely on technology to help companies with their transformation processes and, at Alteryx, we have found a great ally for achieving this efficiently while also directly impacting business results and operational efficiency.