Delivering value through business intelligence


“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” and “Just because you can measure everything doesn’t mean you should”. Two quotes from W. Edward Deming describe two very different, but relatively common approaches to business intelligence (BI). This illustrates perfectly that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to BI that will work for everyone, which is why we don’t try to do that.

At Axis, our aim on any business intelligence project is to get the right information, based on the right data, to the right people before they need it to make a business decision.

We help the clients’ key decision makers identify the questions they need to answer to run their business so we can help them turn the data that they have into the intelligence to answer these questions. To do this, we mobilise quickly and engage with client management teams to ensure results are delivered in weeks rather than months.

Taking a deep dive into data value streams, from data source to business intelligence to the decision makers, allows us to understand and improve the key BI processes for the client.

We are vendor-agnostic about BI tools and will work with the client to use what they have or recommend something that will augment their current data value stream.

We train the client at each step to ensure that our improvements and changes are embedded, and that client teams are enabled to maintain and systematically improve on these.

As part of the process we help clients answer key BI questions:

  • What questions should we be asking to run our business?
  • What intelligence do we need to have to answer those questions?
  • How do we need to view that intelligence?
  • Who needs to see this intelligence and what are they expected to do with it?
  • What processes, tools and people do we need to turn our data into that intelligence?
  • How do we do this consistently?