The companies of the future will be businesses that champion sustainability and introduce ESG factors into the corporate strategy.

We are currently witnessing a change in the way of perceiving the world, how to manage it, and how to look to the future with a view to growth and sustainable evolution.

We need to look at businesses with a sustainable vocation, putting economies, the environment, people, social and governance aspects, and technology at the very heart of the selection and development of corporate activities.

Aligning these activities with sustainable development goals, understanding the regulations and directives of regulatory and oversight institutions, and transferring all these issues to business strategies is not only essential but cuts to the very core of contemporary business and the development of our future as a society and as a company. We are living through times of profound and disruptive change that is forcing us to design sustainable business strategies.

Axis Corporate wants to help customers better understand the environment they compete in, interpret the regulatory requirements they face, focus their business strategies on areas that deliver competitive value, work on a sustainability strategy compatible with the future of our society and planet, and serve as a catalyst for business activities that put the environment, people and society, and models of governance at the center.

Service areas


ESG Scorecards

  • Climate risk classifications, policy adaptation, methodology implementation Scorecard preparation, supporting partners with solutions
  • KYC methodology implementation


ESG Assessment

  • Assessments with Axis internal methodology (proprietary tool) Gap analysis for a complete model
  • Sector peer comparisons


PCAF, Carbon Footprint and Decarbonization Pathway

  • Methodology, analysis and calculation implementation support
  • PCAF association support Decarbonization pathway


Sustainability Reports

  • Support in double-materiality matrix assessment and design
  • Relevant KPI selection (GRI)
  • Impacted areas identification
  • Report preparation


Investor Relations

  • Investor relations strategy definition
  • Support in selecting most appropriate rating agencies



  • Support in NFRS preparation
  • Gap analysis and improvement aspects around CSRD model
  • Support for meeting CSRD technical requirements in 2023 Preparation of the CSRD document as of 2024



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