Rapid Business Analysis & Requirement Capture


Advancements in how software is built (cloud infrastructure, APIs & DevOps), combined with agile delivery techniques, have fundamentally changed how leading organisations think about business requirements. The days of large, impenetrable specifications detailing all features of a system are thankfully long gone. We work with today’s innovators to ensure they can prioritise working software over documentation but are still able to profit from the benefits of robust analysis and clear, compliant documentation.

We work with a client’s product and technology teams to analyse, document and agree requirements for future system builds. Wherever possible, we start by validating the customer need to ensure any software will be useful for its users. This understanding acts as a guide for our work, helping us prioritise in-depth analysis and focus.

Over a period of weeks, not months, our teams work collaboratively with requirement owners ensuring we illicit the right requirements rather than reams of documentation. Our approach ensures we collaborate across the right teams, are user centred and create high quality, tangible outputs.

Operating iteratively and out in the open, we bring our deep financial services expertise to bear, helping to validate and refine existing perspective – ultimately ensuring better outcomes. We are deliberately vendor and solution agnostic (it’s part of our manifesto) to ensure your success is prioritised over ours. - Three ways the banking industry can stay relevant in the age of disruption

As part of the process we help clients answer key questions:

  • What platform should we use to capture requirements? How do we ensure traceability?
  • Who should sign off different requirements? How do we prioritise?
  • What if we are using 3rd party developers? Should we change our approach?
  • How can we ensure we remain agile? What if our priorities change in the future?
  • How do we ensure the system will work as documented?


    Deliver with pace & agility