Casimiro Gracia’s professional career began in La Caixa, working in the areas of: Operations, Sales and Product. In recent years, Casimiro alternated roles in EDS, developing business in the new division of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He has also participated in the creation and strengthening of various entrepreneurial ventures, including his Consultancy Firm Axis Corporate.

Casimiro Gracia has a Degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and an MBA from ESADE, and over ten years experience as a consultant for leading companies in various sectors: Financial Services, Tourism, Media and IT. Casimiro also has over fifteen years of experience as an executive within the Financial Sector.

Describe your position in Axis Corporate

I am Axis Corporate’s executive chairman and one of the founders. My main responsibility is to lead the strategic direction of the company, perform a global supervision of the operation and results of the firm, while trying to promote the values ​​of the company in my relations with the team to consolidate the base of our business culture.

The financial sector has a great weight in my career. For more than 25 years, I have worked as a consultant for the main national and international financial institutions. In addition to the financial sector, I also know sectors such as Media, IT, Tourism and Services in general, advising both family and international groups. And I continue to enrich my experience and knowledge about the consultancy world and its contribution to business’ value.

What do you value most about the position?

I have the privilege of shaping and executing Axis Corporate’s strategy, of orienting this organization towards global growth and increasing its value in the market. But what really fascinates me is to be able to advise other companies on their growth and development, to help them make business results tangible. My work as executive chairman is not incompatible with direct contact with the client. I also participate in business growth strategies projects, with a focus on improving customer experience, innovation, income increase and risk reduction. This allows me to know first-hand the client’s concerns and market trends, while detecting possible new high demand key services.

What led you to found Axis Corporate?

We wanted to offer a different consultancy, we wanted to offer services with measurable results, with tangible benefits for the companies. That is one of the reasons that led us to found a practical and measurable consultancy. Today we like to state that we are a challenger consulting firm. Another reason why we found this company, is that we wanted to give response to the critical challenges of the companies, resulting in the establishment of true and productive long-term relationships with our clients.

What are the key ingredients to being good at what you do?

Humility to learn every day, passion and enthusiasm for what you do, collaboration with customers and teams.

Why is diversity important to a team?

Diversity management is a challenge itself and a competitive advantage for the company. Diversity plus collaboration equals success. Successfully managing the diversity of generation, experience, gender, cultures, disciplines, and approaches is highly enriching for the company and provides differential value to the projects we carry out.