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Brexit impact assessments: Why your customer’s business is your business

Digitally Transforming Core Operations: Why letting go seems to be the hardest part

Banking is being disrupted by innovation through digital technology, new regulation and increased competition.

The challenge for the financial sector: The digital transformation of BBVA

Axis Corporate hosted an executive breakfast with the participation of Carlos Torres Vila, BBVA, CEO who shared his experience on the digital transformation of BBVA.

Banks Learn to Innovate … or Die

As lifestyles and expectations of consumers continue to change, often powered by smartphones and other technologies ever-present in their lives, banks risk weakening their leadership in the highest-valued end of their treasured customer relationships

Consultancy.uk – Retail Banks should not overlook active Divestment Strategy

Divestitures are a key, but often overlooked, component of the active management of business portfolios in banking.

Raconteur Going Global 2017 – Navigating a path for growth in uncertain times

Axis Corporate featured in Raconteur -The Going Global special report

Open Banking is fast approaching- Will banks seize the opportunities?

Most banks are pre-occupied with implementing operational and IT infrastructure changes to deliver compliance with PSD II and CMA regulations in January 2018.

Understanding Big Data in Financial Services

What is Big Data? What makes it different and how can Banks and Financial Services start Unlocking the Value from their Data?

Settling without borders – transforming the European post -trade landscape

Financial market infrastructures across Europe have evolved in diverse ways due to the various national structures and regulations within which they have been developed.

Active divestiture shouldn’t be overlooked – as retail banks have found to their detriment. There are lessons to be learnt.

Divestitures are a key, but often overlooked, component of the active management of business portfolios.

Making the case for present planning to include the Fintech future?

Conquering AML is still a major opportunity for RegTech providers

It is not a secret that dealing with anti-money laundering (AML) has been one of the biggest challenges for banks for years. If things go wrong, Banks can potentially face hefty breach fines of €5M or 10% of total turnover.

Transforming a leading Irish & UK Bank

A leading Irish & UK bank needed to transform its’ Retail and Business Banking businesses by improving their cost:income ratio, optimising the branch network and centralising  operational functions and processes .

Is your RegTech solution more “Tech” than “Reg”? Does it really address your business challenge ?

If you’re developing a solution as a FinTech or considering a new capability as a bank, have you considered the question ‘is this solution more “Tech” than “Reg” or has it achieved the right balance of both ?’

Branch distribution for disruption?

Bank branches have traditionally been the principal distribution channel for everyday banking services. However, once an account is opened there is less need for traditional branch structure.

Knowing Your Customers: the challenge of creating a single customer view

External data from banks, market data providers, and regulators can often be confusing if they all use different codes to identify the same entity.

Brexit contingency planning. Should I stay or should I go?

Britain has triggered the process of exiting the European Union. The next two years will likely offer little but uncertainty.

The Rise Of RegTech And What It Means For The Future of Financial Services

RegTech - Overcoming the regulatory challenges in financial services.

Emotion and Data – Key Factors to Attract and Retain the Digital Customer

Digitisation currently requires organisations to review its customer relationship models. Having thorough knowledge of your customer and their emotions are key success factors to long-term customer loyalty. More than half of how a customer behave

Balancing Financial Services Innovation in a Customer-Centric World

Financial services companies have found themselves at a crossroads of understanding how and when to integrate new marketplace technologies into their own products and services in order to meet ever-changing customer demands.

An Approach for Banks to Sell Non-Performing Loans

The sale of non-performing portfolios has dominated the European market in recent years, where overleveraging due to cheap available debt, the credit crisis and the subsequent economic downturn has led to constrained debt financing environments.

Staying in the black without seeing red

In the UK, ´free banking´ has been considered a birthright for many years. The reality is that ´free-when-in-credit´ banking is only possible when subsidised by other services.

Why GDPR represents a significant opportunity for post-Brexit UK

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect – the new European privacy regulation, which replaces the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

Digital Disruption in Financial Services – Evolution or Revolution?

Axis Corporate will be hosting its second innovation event in London’s tech and creative hub which aims to share insights and experiences of companies applying digital technologies to establish intimate relationships with customers.

EFMA Distribution Summit 2017

Jose Luis Álvarez, Strategic Finance Director, Axis Corporate presented insights and key findings on Robo-advisory: The future of banking financial advisory services report at Efma Distribution Summit -Leveraging distribution assets and technology in

Efma Distribution Summit – London

Leveraging distribution assets and technology in financial services #EfmaDS17

Axis Corporate Networking Event

Our Client Networking event took place on the 29 March @Walter and Monty opposite The Gherkin  in London’s primary financial district, the City of London.    

Financial Services at the Speed of Digital?

Financial services companies are facing significant challenges while disruptive new entrants who are unencumbered by legacy business processes, coupled with rising expectations of networked consumers, accelerate the need to embrace Digital.

Open Banking – It’s time to open up and really get to know your customers.

In the current market customers rarely switch current accounts – even if the service they receive is poor, and they are overcharged for the services provided.

Cleaning reference data to make it usable (again)?

Clean and quality data is a major issue affecting all banks around the world. Big data is used across many different processes, so making it reliable has become of paramount importance.

FinTech and Banking: Collaboration for Disruption

The banking sector finds itself at a crossroads. It was not only the financial crisis which forced it to take a strategic turn in 2007, many of the standards which had been valid up to that point changed.

The Future is Collaboration

Axis Corporate recently hosted an event that offered a great opportunity to meet and share the latest developments in FinTech and Banking. 

The FinTech Age

They appeared as an alternative, but what lies ahead? “Audacious start-ups… are free of technology debt and are capable of quickly developing, deploying and refining their technology with successful results.”

Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?

The FinTech ecosystem is growing. Incumbent banks must decide whether to compete, collaborate or acquire.

Shaping a Customer-Centric Strategy in the New Banking Age

Banks must develop a clear vision, supported by data-driven insights, overhauled core functions, and smarter partnering to deliver a customer-centric model.

The Gamification of Financial Services

Traditionally, banks provided their customers with personalised and engaged one-on-one interactions through their branch networks.

Digital Wallets: Gaining a Foothold

The mobile wallet space has been fragmented without a clear leader. Non-financial services institutions and device manufacturers and operating systems providers have been launching wallets in their own efforts to enter the payments space.

MiFID II business requirements for a Global Investment Bank

MiFID II aims to improve financial market’s efficiency by enhancing the current MiFID I. Investment firms face major challenges across the organisation. Axis Corporate was requested to lead the Product Reference Data MiFID II compliance work stream.

RegTech – Holding the Keys to Regulatory Compliance?

In recent years we have seen how the various supervisory bodies have increased the regulatory demands on banks.

Innovation: the customer is STILL king

Banks are heavily investing in Innovation. In part this is a response to the rise of new technologies, from wearable payment devices to analytics tools using Machine Learning to anticipate and predict behaviour.

Regulatory Portfolio Optimisation for a Global Bank

Regulation – refereeing the digital revolution

Regulators can’t win. They are the referees of the Financial Services sector, and even when they get it right, they upset one party or other.

MiFID I client data remediation and governance

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a £4.7m fine to the client for failing to properly report 30 million transactions under MiFID I Directive. Axis was requested to lead the remediation and control work stream to close the audit point.

Governance Framework & Prioritisation Model Tier 1 Investment Bank

A global investment bank required a solution for managing technology change demand for their strategic Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Know Your Business (KYB) system.

What’s your appetite for risk in financial services?

The global financial crisis exposed a sizable gap between the level of risk that banks perceived they were taking and the level of risk they were actually taking.

Corporate Strategy: How to Meet the Digital Challenge

A fundamental understanding of how value for companies and their customers is going to be created given certain competitive forces is at the heart of good strategy.

Firefighting against regulatory change or adopting a holistic approach?

It’s no secret that regulatory change programmes now account for more than 60% of “change-the-bank” budgets and the pace and complexity of regulatory change has significantly hampered banks’ ability to change and grow their business.

Axis Corporate Client Networking Evening

Our Client Networking event took place on the 24th of February in The Vault, in the City. The Axis Corporate team was on hand to share their perspectives on the market, to help make new connections and form new thinking.

Quarterly Alumni Event

Our quarterly Alumni event took place on the 23rd of February in The Vault, in the City.

Webinar – The Collaborative Power of Fintech & Banking

Digital disruption is now surging ahead and bringing in new business models, new technology, new players in the market and a renewed focus on consumer experience.

Back-office digitalisation is now a priority

But with back-end legacy systems consuming up to 90% of banks’ IT budgets, few banks can undertake a radical investment. A more pragmatic approach to transformation is required.
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