We help organisations’ technology teams mature their capabilities, lifting up the business through by improving day-to-day operations while defining and executing technological evolution aligned with the core strategy.

Technology is the lever that organisations need to use in order to offer the desired value proposition to their customers. At Axis Corporate, part of Accenture we help organisations’ technology transformation programmes achieve their business objectives.

Our services are oriented towards offering support to the CIO in identifying the technology area’s transformation route, defining the operational model and suggesting improvements in critical IT processes, addressing a cost-reduction plan, and defining resilient, scalable, and sustainable architectures.

Value Proposition

We are a senior team of former CTOs from large organisations with extensive experience in executing this type of project. We accompany the client in the definition of the IT strategic plan, the governance model, and the appropriate organisation for each case. As well as improvements to the operational model, we also handle outsourcing and internalisation, centralisation of services in integrated units, the definition of cost-reduction programmes, and the definition of resilient, sustainable, and agile technological platforms.


Appropriately managing technology and implementing new frameworks has certain impacts on organisations, such as:

  • Increased functional and business responsiveness capabilities.
  • Reducing costs by making processes efficient, implementing tools, and automating them.
  • Reducing operational and technological risks.
  • Increasing the availability of platforms through monitoring and recovery tools.

Related Solutions

  • Strategic IT Plan

    Together with our clients, we define the different dimensions of the plan related to governance, operations, organisation, training, spending, platforms, and indicators. We have a prior understanding of the current situation by performing a diagnosis and studying the company’s strategic plan.

  • IT Operational Model

    We define and improve companies’ technological operational models with the aim of making technological operations more efficient, improving the model’s relationship with other areas, and providing better service to customers.

  • Cost Reduction Plan

    We draw up a cost saving plan in technology, carrying out a TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis structuring the levers of action and initiatives with a short- and long-term execution plan by consensus.

  • Value Management Office

    We structure programmes for change aligned with obtaining profits and meeting the organisation’s objectives, as well as measuring the results of each initiative and monitoring each of the projects, thereby establishing synergies when it comes to savings and efficiency.

  • IT Applications and Solutions

    When defining the type of platform for the organisation, we contribute our knowledge about processes, tool selection, and application modernisation programmes using modern, digital architectures.