We collaborate with our clients by advising and accompanying them on their journey to transforming their risk assessment, internal control, and internal audit functions, leveraging technological innovation as the key driver of change.

The current macroeconomic environment is characterised by geopolitical instability, heightened climate risks, ecological transition, digital transformation, and constant pressure from new regulatory requirements.

Against this complex backdrop, corporations are changing the way they manage and control risks, as well as the way they deal with business opportunities.

Value Proposition

At Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, we channel our efforts into supporting our clients in achieving operational excellence and meeting their objectives. We promote transitioning the roles responsible for risk management and control into a truly strategic role.

We always offer our proven knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance, internal control, and internal audit projects with a differential analytical and results-oriented approach.


We help our clients evolve their Risk Management and Control functions through innovation, taking into account corporate strategies in the economic environment in which they operate.

  • We provide our clients with the innovation and technology necessary to move away from their traditional orientation (impact and probability) to approaches that involve interconnectivity and speed, following the guidelines set by the COSO ERM framework.
  • We focus on a comprehensive approach with a deep understanding of business operations, risk management and control requirements, and the regulations in force.
  • We promote a better understanding of the regulatory requirements companies face in order to focus their business strategies on aspects that provide them with competitive value.
  • We also provide an analytical and results-oriented approach, delivering a tangible and sustainable impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Related Solutions

  • Risk Governance and Management

    We help our clients understand the key factors and risks in the environment in which they operate, to use existing information to predict potential conflict situations, to design action and remediation plans, and to optimise the efficiency of their risk management and control model.

  • Internal Oversight

    We collaborate with our clients in the design, operationalisation, and review of the degree of efficiency and effectiveness of the framework and models of internal controls over both financial and non-financial information. 

  • Internal Audit

    We design and operationalise the transformation of the role, providing a more predictive rather than reactive approach through technological innovation, incorporating new skills and capabilities, optimising processes, and providing a wider scope by focusing on events that may generate emerging risk alerts.

  • Compliance

    The rapid and recent evolution of regulations combined with the toughening of sanctions, as well as the relevance of the legislation itself, have made compliance one of the most relevant issues to be incorporated into the strategies of any organisation.