We create a significant impact on our clients’ organisations by improving the Employee Experience, the evolution of the People function, and support for Transformation processes.

In an ever-changing world of labour, it is crucial that the People function maintain a strategic vision to contribute to business transformation.

Now more than ever, the People function must focus on the needs of employees, contributing to more sustainable and reputable competitive work environments.

Value Proposition

We support our clients in company transformation processes, driving cultural change, communication initiatives, training, and talent engagement to evolve the company and help it maintain its competitiveness.


We offer professional services to help, mainly to the People function, to transform the Operational Model of the function itself, managing to impact all the following areas:

  • Improvement in the definition of the Talent Value Proposition throughout its life cycle, taking into account their expectations and needs and integrating them with the needs of the business.
  • Greater capacity to attract, satisfy, engage, and retain talent, achieving optimum levels of productivity, operational efficiency, customer focus, and service quality.
  • Improved working environment by promoting diversity, inclusion, well-being, and sustainability in the workplace.
  • • Evolution of the People function, moving from an administrative approach towards a service-focused approach, contributing to its role as a  strategic partner by defining the area’s strategy, redesigning the organisational model, optimising processes, supporting the identification and implementation of the most appropriate technological solutions, and building an employee-centred culture.

Related Solutions


    We define the strategy to address the needs regarding cultural change, communication, training, identification, attraction, and talent loyalty.


    From an audit of the HR function, we address the strategic conceptualisation of the People function, the analysis and improvement of processes, the organisational model, systems, and technology, as well as the cultural change of the function itself.


    We support our clients in defining their Employee Experience strategy, helping them to visualise their value proposition, the construction of archetypes, the improvement of moments of truth in the workplace relationship, and the implementation of continuous, active listening systems.


    We offer support in compliance with regulations on equal opportunities between men and women, developing diagnoses and equality plans, job evaluation systems, and remuneration audits; we put great value on the good practices of our clients by helping them obtain the Equality Distinction, the FRC Certification, ISO 30415 – Diversity and Inclusion, and participate in the Bloomberg GEI and the MásTalentoSenior Distinction.


    We update job descriptions, job evaluations, and salary structures; we also define incentive models in general and for the sales force in particular; we carry out market salary benchmarking; we design models for performance evaluation and management by objectives; we apply remuneration transparency instruments; and we help to advance the Total Compensation Model.

  • HR Reporting

    We help our clients design dashboards for the People function, facilitating the automation of HR Reporting and the design of predictive data models applied to people management.