We help our clients generate more revenue through innovation, define new growth strategies, and transform their commercial, data, and customer-relationship models.

In the context of a changing company-customer relationship that is evolving towards the demand for more personalised products, the costs of production, services, and personnel are increasing and competition among companies is growing, it is becoming increasingly important to review, improve, and transform companies’ commercial and revenue models.

Value Proposition

To be successful in these projects, it is essential to start with a personalised Customer Strategy that aligns with the company’s objectives. We work hand in hand with our clients at different levels of the organisation to define and implement the established models that allow us to demonstrate a direct impact on the sales ratio, margins, and CLV (Customer Live Value).


The impact that we have on organisations with this transformation of their commercial model includes:

  • A 10-15% increase in ROI following a business model evolution process.
  • At least a 5% increase in customer retention following the implementation of our project initiatives.
  • A 25-100% increase in company profits.
  • And an improvement in strategic decision making (60% of decisions are data-driven) following the implementation of our advanced customer data analysis and processing model.

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