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Jaime Fernández is a Partner at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture and has more than 15 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting, mainly in the financial services and real estate sectors.

He has developed his career in the Media division, including the areas of operations, technology, organisation, and general services, as well as retail business.

His projects in the design and implementation of operational models, efficiency improvements and mergers, integration, and bank transformation projects in various leading national and international institutions are particularly noteworthy.

Describe your position at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture

I am currently in the banking, insurance, and real estate sectors. I am responsible for conceptualising solutions for our clients and ensuring excellence in the delivery of our projects by employing the best professionals, the best methodology, and a contribution of value in the form of knowledge of the sector. My speciality is the design and implementation of business transformation projects from an operational, organisational, and technological point of view, pursuing business scalability, sustainability, risk mitigation, improvement of internal and customer-facing quality, and cost efficiency.

What do you value most about your position?

My position gives me a comprehensive view of the transformation projects we carry out for our clients. That allows me to be able to collect best practices to offer excellent service to customers. It also allows me to interact with key positions and to gather valuable insights into the companies that enrich both me and the teams I work with.

What does it mean to be a partner at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture?

Being a Partner at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture means building: building solutions, building relationships with clients, building the best teams of consultants and managers, and building a foundation of trust that allows me to work at my best with everyone around me.

What are the key ingredients to being good at what you do?

The key ingredients for my position are to rely on the best criteria, project experience, and teams for coming up with the best solutions for clients. On the other hand, it is key to have the vision necessary for identifying the best profiles both to execute and to govern the projects; you have to have the best professionals!

How do you manage uncertainty?

We must overcome uncertainty with our work. I approach any opportunity or project by giving it my all, surrounding myself with the best, and always betting on the success of whatever I am working on.

What are your work methodologies?

It is essential to understand what the client’s momentum is, what stage of the transformation they are in. From there, the approach and methodology must be adapted to what they really need, both for the short term and for the medium/long term.