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Víctor Porcar is a Director at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, and his career has evolved in the field of organisational improvement and strategic and operations consulting.

Since joining Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, he has been involved in strategic and operational transformation projects in the financial and real estate sectors.

Describe your position at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture

My current position as Director at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, is a mix between ensuring that projects are delivered and searching for new opportunities. I am responsible for the execution of the projects I am assigned, ensuring that the work performed by the team of consultants meets the client’s expectations and our criteria of excellence.

What do you value most about your position?

The dynamism of this position, which has to ensure excellence upon delivery to the customer while seeking or generating new project opportunities. This involves interacting with many people from different organisations, profiles, and ranks, both at the client level and within Axis Corporate, part of Accenture.

What are the key ingredients to being good at what you do?

I believe that the key to the job is listening to the people around you. First, it is important to understand the consultants to identify their needs and the points where I can help them, because without them, it is impossible for the projects to come to fruition and a fundamental part of our role is to help them grow. Meanwhile, it is equally important to listen to the clients, to understand their needs and concerns as well as possible, and to be able to provide the solutions they expect from us.

Why is diversity important in a team?

Diversity is important for offering richer and more robust solutions to customers. Considering, analysing, and building from different points of view only enhances the quality of our delivery and increases customer satisfaction.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in consulting?

Do not be blinded by the short term, but rather look at the medium term, since, with perseverance, work, and patience, it will be more rewarding in the end. We know that the world of consulting is frenetic and different types of situations may arise, but we must try to keep our heads up and always seek to learn from new situations.