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Eric Busquets is a senior manager with more than 15 years of consulting experience and 9 years at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, advising on operations and strategy with a focus on excellence and efficiency in the financial, real estate and foundation sectors. My professional experience is focused on the development of transformation projects for departments, areas or companies, from the diagnosis, design and implementation phase to the measurement of results.

Describe your position at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture

As a senior manager my mission is to ensure lead generation, client development and optimal project execution.

What do you value most about your position?

I value positively being involved in the definition of future plans of the organisations for which we provide services and the management and development of teams.

What does it mean to be a Senior Manager at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture?

Being a senior manager at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture, means combining a range of skills and capabilities to be perceived as a help to our customers. From helping our customers to define their present and future challenges, to being able to respond to their most operational needs. Therefore, it implies having a high level of knowledge of the sector and market, having experience in project development and knowing how to manage teams, train them and motivate them to get the best out of each member of the team.

How to ensure the success of a project?

There is no single formula to be successful in the development of a project; everything will depend on the client, the environment, the collaborative model, the timescale and the degree of innovation desired. But there are 4 key elements that will ensure a good development of the project and the fulfilment of the client’s expectations.

  • Establish a clear and detailed action plan with very specific lines of action, defining responsibilities and a timetable.
  • Define an exhaustive monitoring model for each initiative and identify deviations and risks. This will allow new measures to be adopted to mitigate these deviations.
  • To measure results after the implementation of the initiatives, this will allow to evaluate the degree of achievement of the objectives set at the beginning of the project and to understand why deviations occur.
  • In order to create a medium/long-term relationship with the client, it is essential to be close, to know how to listen and to generate a relationship of trust through the credibility achieved by the results obtained at the end of a project.
What phrase do you like to start your day with?

“Let’s make it happen” is a motto that refers to our way of understanding consultancy. We always work to achieve an adequate implementation of the defined model and generate a positive impact on organisations.