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Joaquin Giner is an Industrial Engineer with solid experience in international project management, supply chain and manufacturing strategy design, inbound and outbound logistics networks, the implementation of plant productivity and flexibility, the definition and implementation of quality models, and has technical knowledge and experience in digital process transformation projects.

He brings more than 30 years of professional experience in Management Consulting and Project Management, providing value-added solutions for companies in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, transportation, energy, and utilities.

He has worked as a Senior Advisor in the Madrid office of the Consulting Department of E&Y in the area of logistics and operations management. Previously, he developed his career over more than 25 years as a consultant at Accenture, where he was the Managing Director, leader of the Manufacturing Strategy area.

What is your position at Axis Corporate, part of Accenture?

Director in charge of the Supply Chain and Operations Service Line.

What do you value most about your position?

Being able to carry out projects that optimise the global logistics chain for clients from different sectors and industries with different points of view gives me a broad view when implementing innovative and robust solutions with our teams, transferring successful experiences among the different industries. For example, we have applied Lean Six Sigma improvement methodologies from automotive to banking services, and we have reduced new product development lead times from the aerospace industry to transportation networks with productivity improvements and reductions in service lead times, resulting in a great impact on their results.

What are the key ingredients to being good at what you do?

I consider the most important thing to be liking the work you do, and I like my job very much. The feeling of satisfaction when you present an idea to a client, the work done, and the results achieved at the end of a collaboration… professionally, there’s nothing else like it. However, it is not always successful, and it’s those difficult situations that you have to face with humility and intelligence in order to learn from them.

What advice would you give to a client in order to face new market challenges?

See challenges as opportunities for improvement. To do this, it is very important to properly diagnose the real situation of my company and, from there, to prioritise actions for improvement in the areas or processes that are only creating more problems. Subsequently, we take advantage of digitalisation and all its related technologies—which lends us very valuable information from processes at costs that were unthinkable until now—to facilitate decisions regarding the business, making it more profitable and sustainable.

What phrase do you like to start your day with?

I like to greet people with a “good morning”, just as I do when I start my emails. But there is a phrase that stuck with me from many years ago, and I try to always keep it in mind, having seen it framed in the office of the president of an important multinational corporation: “From the top to the bottom of the social ladder, there is no greater criterion of authority than to lead by example.”