We are experts in benchmarking, diagnostics, and designing operational models while incorporating best practices from multiple sectors.

Operational models have constantly evolved in response to various factors such as changing customer behaviour, technological advancements, or the growth of operations and their need for efficiency.

This evolution involves the reformulation of key aspects and the continuous alignment of operational and cross-functional areas with the business strategy to achieve business objectives and generate value for customers.

Value Proposition

We provide independent advising on the most appropriate outsourcing solutions and technology tools to push the operational model to its maximum potential.

Our approach includes evolving management models and talent development, providing training on the latest digital solutions.

We constantly seek maximum efficiency through our programmes and specific methodology, focusing on delivering the best customer experience.


We have an extensive track record in comprehensively restructuring operational models, both in medium and large enterprises.

  • We achieve significant efficiencies in the range of 15-20% by creating shared service centres, re-engineering, and disruptive process improvement through factoring operations.
  • We address the company’s scalability challenges, achieving over 50% growth.
  • We ensure that new operational models are implemented effectively within the project’s timelines, guaranteeing its success.

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  • Operational Model Transformation

    We manage to effectively transform the operational model in an innovative and disruptive way, responding to the company’s strategic drivers and embracing the latest organisational and digital trends; designing sourcing models and accompanying the business as independent, expert advisors; and reformulating models to achieve an end-to-end vision of products and services.

  • Operational Performance Improvement

    We allow the operational model to evolve, driving continuous improvement to achieve business objectives through operational re-engineering and disruptive process improvement while using the traction of intelligent automation and innovative management model solutions.